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tour destin's most expensive luxury propertyies

Destin, Florida and the stunning emerald coastline are among the most picturesque locales to make a home in. The year-round tropical sun and pristine, white sandy beaches are intoxicating - it's no wonder vacationers return again and again, and the local investment market holds strong year after year.

Although Destin and the surrounding area is well known as a resort mecca, with numerous luxury resorts dotting the shores as well as protected gated developments, there are several example of supremely luxurious estates in prime positions on the coast.

Let's take a tour of 5 of Destin's most expensive luxury properties.

Are these properties a tad out of your price range? We enourage you to so we can help find the perfect home to fit your

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4 reasons to choose a destin gated communities

Gated communities are the popular community choice throughout Florida, and the Greater Destin area is no different. This style of living can't be pigeon-holed into a specific property type or demographic of owner either - you'll find gated communities with an entire spectrum of fantastic amenities and property styles to suit just about every lifestyle.

What are you waiting for - here are 4 reasons you should choose a Destin gated community.

1 - Privacy

This is the obvious one. The most prominent feature of a gated community is naturally the wall that surrounds it. It can be a dangerous world out there and many home buyers find solace in the protected confines offered by a gated community. Beyond protection from crime and vandalism, home

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4 facts to know about HOAs in NW Florida

Northwestern Florida provides a coveted lifestyle with its beautiful white sand beaches, sunshine, and plenty of desirable real estate. One of the most popular residential developments found in Florida is master-planned communities, which always include an Home Owner's Association or HOA. This is highly attractive to many for the simplicity, and quality of life that comes with this style of residence. It's one of the best ways to enjoy all of what the Northwestern Florida lifestyle has to offer by providing homeowners with low-maintenance living. This is made possible by having an HOA within a master-planned community.

The HOA is the ruling and administration organization in a development and is typically comprised of an HOA board that is made up

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'Tis the season for trick-or-treating! Your Destin home might not need a costume or a Halloween party, but it will need to be ready for all the neighborhood ghosts, witches, supermen, and goblins who will be stopping by for a little Hollow's Eve treat. If you're planning on participating in the festivities this year, try these tips to ensure a safe and fun night to be had by all!

Read more on how to make your house awesome for Halloween in Destin!

Setting the Scene

Halloween isn't complete without a haunted setup or decorative effort of some kind! Here are some easy ways to make your house look haunted and spooky:

Lights: Dim the porch lights and entryway fixtures with red, orange or green bulbs to create a creepy ambiance. Don't forget to

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When you are looking for the best neighborhoods to buy a vacation home in, you are already on the right track by choosing Destin for your investment property. This is such a popular area with gorgeous beaches and plenty of condos with exceptional amenities. The issue does become, what neighborhood to purchase a home in to maximize your investment.

Before starting your property search, be sure to keep the following things in mind:

  • Do the Math - What is your budget? This will depend on a number of factors, but essentially what are your expenses vs what is your projected rent? Simple in concept, but be sure to include all costs when you are doing up your budget – including management fees as you are more than likely not living in Destin if it’s
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If living in Destin isn't already a good enough reason to celebrate, there's always some kind of event to look forward to in this happening community!

With something taking place nearly every week of the year, there's no wonder why Destin is a top destination for many. Here are upcoming events took look forward during the fall season for full Emerald coast enjoyment!

Destin Fishing Rodeo- October 1-31st

The 69th annual Destin Fishing Rodeo is your chance to partake in the ultimate fishing tournament for saltwater anglers of all ages during the entire month of October. It's a non-profit organization supported by members, sponsors, local businesses, and the fishing community of Destin. Anyone can join if they have their own boats or charter a

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5 things to do in and around destin, florida 2017

The state of Florida is blessed with exceptional weather. While the rest of the nation turns up the heat and buckles down for snow, Floridians still find themselves enjoying sunshine and mild temperatures in the 70s. In Destin, fall is still a perfect time to get outside and enjoy one of the 200+ days of sunshine the state enjoys annually.

Here are 5 things to do this fall in and around Destin.

1. Explore A Fall Festival

Destin is home to many different fall festivals throughout the months of September and October. Fall concerts, triathlons, art fairs, and seafood festivals are just a few of the different kinds of events that this dynamic community hosts through the fall months.

The Destin Seafood Festival is in its 39th year and is held

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a guide to investing in Destin real estate in 2017

People have always flocked to the sugary white sandy beaches and the amazingly emerald gulf waters of Destin. Once a quaint fishing village, this tight-knit coastal town has developed into a top tourist destination. People who find themselves drawn to Destin real estate appreciate the fact that there's not one hotel to be found in the Destin city limits, inspiring many to buy and invest in prime real estate and vacation properties. Whether you're a local, or from out of state, Destin real estate is some of the finest in Florida.

Here are some tips on how to buy in the Destin real estate market.

1. Consider All of Your Options

There's only one way to find your dream property and that's to treat your search like a pastime! Before you roll up

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top 5 reasons to call northwest florida home

The Panhandle region of Florida is not usually the first place that comes to mind when people think of the Sunshine State. But for those in search of an incomparable quality of life that offers something for everyone, Northwest Florida is where it’s at.

Toes in sugar-white sand, access to the best seafood, tons of affordable real estate, endless fun in the sun, and an array of water-based adventures, this place is a tough one to turn down. Life in Northwest Florida is all about finding your tempo in an already relaxed place.

As the Northwest natives often say, “take it easy”! Here are five reasons why you should pack up and move to the best parts of the Sunshine State.

Enjoying Life in the Slow Lane

Northwest Florida is not about the

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the top 5 movies filmed in northwest florida

Destin and the stunning Emerald Coast of Northwest Florida are undoubtedly gorgeous. The pristine sandy-white beaches, aqua-marine waters and ever-present tropical sun combine to create an unreal setting to create family holiday memories to last a lifetime.

This part of Florida boasts a pleasing selection of sleepy, small oceanfront communities like those found along the scenic 30A coastline, as well bustling resort and fishing hot spots like those found near the end of the panhandle in Destin. This diversity hasn't gone unnoticed by home buyers, or the location scouts of some of Hollywood's most enduring classics, and a few duds as well.

Let's a take a blink-and-you'll-miss-it look at the top 5 movies filmed in Northwest Floirda. See if you

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